Antique Brooch

We offer a variety of antique brooches for women who love antiuqe brooches.  Our unique antique brooch styles brings you the joy that you've been waiting for.  Antique brooches is a stylish set of  brooches made with pearls, and rhinestone. Brooch based are plated in antique color.

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Antique Brooch-BH9254

CODE: BH9254-AB Clear/Silver

In stock
Antique Brooch ;  Color option: AB Clear acrylic stone plated in silver; Clear/ Silver; AB coffee acrylic stone plated in antique brass;  Size:... More
Antique Brooches Antique Brooches Antique Brooch

Antique Brooch-BH9216

CODE: BH9216-ABClear/Silver

In stock
Antique Brooch in high quality acrylic stones;  Stone Color options: AB Clear with silver plating;  AB coffee with Antique Brass plating ; Clear... More
Vintage Brooch Vintage brooches Antique Brooch

Antique brooch-BH9239

CODE: BH9239

In stock
Antique brooch Stone Color: Ab coffee Color Base;  base metal color plated in Antique Silver;  Size: 2-1/4 inches

Antique Brooch-BH9374

CODE: BH9374-Dr. Green/Antique Gold

In stock
Antique Brooch with Tear Drop beads. Color Option: Dark Green, Black, Red. Base color plated in gold color Size: 2-1/2 inches
Antique Brooch Anitque Brooch Antique Brooch

Antique Brooch-BH9372

CODE: BH9372

In stock
Antique Brooch in Acrylic color stone with grey pearl; Stone color : Black, olive, blue; Plating color: Antique gold;  Size: 2-1/4 inches

Antique Brooch-BH9318

CODE: BH9318-Red-Pearl

In stock
Square Brooches; Color option: Red color stone plated in antique gold ; Aqua Blue/Black/Yellow/white beads/ plated in antique gold ; Ruby Red color... More
Wholesale brooches Antique Brooches Antique Brooches

Flower brooch-BH9368-GP


In stock
Floral brooch;  small stone in AB white acrylic stone, Center in white pearl; Petals made with high quality acrylic oval clear stone.  Base metal... More

Antique Brooch-BH9395

CODE: BH9395

In stock
Oval Antique Booches with pearls.  Pearl in light silver grey color : Base plated in Antique Silver Size: Width: 2 inches x height: 1-1/2 inches

Antique Brooch-BH9431


In stock
Antique Brooch; color options: Black acrylic stone plated in antique brass; Fuchsia stone plated in silver: Purple color plated in antique brass: size: 2...
Antique Brooch Antique Brooch Antique Brooch

Antique Brooch-BH9319

CODE: BH9319

In stock
Antique Brooch Pearl, Tear Drop bead, and AB white stone ; Brown color plated in gold color Size: 2-1/4 inches

Antique Brooch-BH5016

CODE: BH5016

In stock
Antique Brooch made with clear crystal rhinestone plated in antique silver color:  Size: 2-1/8 inches

Antique Brooches-BH5083

CODE: BH5083

In stock
Antique Brooches Rhinestone with center bead Black and White stone color plated in antique silver Size: 2 inches

Fashion Brooch-BH9341

CODE: BH9341

In stock
Fashion Brooch ; Color crystal stones in combination of Lt.Topaz and Smoke Topaz; A small loop attached on the back for pendent; Metal base plated in... More

Antique Brooch-BH8835

CODE: BH8835

In stock
Antique Brooch come with clear crystal rhinestones plated in antique gold color:  Size: 2 inches in diameter.

Antique Brooch-BH8110

CODE: BH8110

In stock
Antique brooch assembled with beige and coffee color stones; three light brown pearls in the centerl; base plated in antique gold;  Size: 2-x 2 inches

Antique Brooch-BH8834

CODE: BH8834

In stock
Antique Brooch come with clear crystal rhinestones plated in silver color:  Size: 2 inches in diameter.

Fashion Brooch-BH8285

CODE: BH8285-Gold

In stock
Antique flower Brooches. color option: Clear crystal with gold plating;  Clear Crystal with silver plating; Size: 2-1/4 inches
Floral Brooches Floral Brooches
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