Antique Brooches

Fabulousbrooch.com provide antique brooches for women who love brooches. You will be amazed at our unique antique brooch styles that bring you  the joy that you've been waiting for.  Fabulousbroooch.com  also offers a stylish set of the best and different antique brooches that are consists of beads, and rhinestones in a wonderful array of colors such as purple, pink, red, green, blue and yellow.  Some of our antique brooches come in a variety of shapes such as a tear drop shape, round shape and a leaf shape.  There are also distinct pearls on some of our antique brooches that will match your clothing design.  Our antique brooches come with different sizes, ranging from 1 inches to 4 inches, and can be custom made to meet your need. Feel free to contact us for more detail.

Antique Brooch-BH9254

CODE: BH9254-AB Clear/Silver

In stock
Antique Brooch ;  Color option: AB Clear acrylic stone plated in silver; Clear/ Silver; AB coffee acrylic stone plated in antique brass;  Size:... More
Antique Brooches Antique Brooches Antique Brooch

Antique Brooch-BH9216

CODE: BH9216-ABClear/Silver

In stock
Antique Brooch in high quality acrylic stones;  Stone Color options: AB Clear with silver plating;  AB coffee with Antique Brass plating ; Clear... More
Vintage Brooch Vintage brooches Antique Brooch

Antique brooch-BH9239

CODE: BH9239

In stock
Antique brooch Stone Color: Ab coffee Color Base;  base metal color plated in Antique Silver;  Size: 2-1/4 inches

Antique Brooch-BH9374

CODE: BH9374-Dr. Green/Antique Gold

In stock
Antique Brooch with Tear Drop beads. Color Option: Dark Green, Black, Red. Base color plated in gold color Size: 2-1/2 inches
Antique Brooch Anitque Brooch Antique Brooch

Antique Brooch-BH9372

CODE: BH9372

In stock
Antique Brooch in Acrylic color stone with grey pearl; Stone color : Black, olive, blue; Plating color: Antique gold;  Size: 2-1/4 inches

Antique Brooch-BH9318

CODE: BH9318-Red-Pearl

In stock
Square Brooches; Color option: Red color stone plated in antique gold ; Aqua Blue/Black/Yellow/white beads/ plated in antique gold ; Ruby Red color... More
Wholesale brooches Antique Brooches Antique Brooches

Flower brooch-BH9368-GP


In stock
Floral brooch;  small stone in AB white acrylic stone, Center in white pearl; Petals made with high quality acrylic oval clear stone.  Base metal... More

Antique Brooch-BH9319

CODE: BH9319

In stock
Antique Brooch Pearl, Tear Drop bead, and AB white stone ; Brown color plated in gold color Size: 2-1/4 inches

Antique Brooch-BH9431


In stock
Antique Brooch; color options: Black acrylic stone plated in antique brass; Fuchsia stone plated in silver: Purple color plated in antique brass: size: 2...
Antique Brooch Antique Brooch Antique Brooch

Antique Brooch-BH9395

CODE: BH9395

In stock
Oval Antique Booches with pearls.  Pearl in light silver grey color : Base plated in Antique Silver Size: Width: 2 inches x height: 1-1/2 inches

Antique Brooch-BH5016

CODE: BH5016

In stock
Antique Brooch made with clear crystal rhinestone plated in antique silver color:  Size: 2-1/8 inches

Antique Brooches-BH5083

CODE: BH5083

In stock
Antique Brooches Rhinestone with center bead Black and White stone color plated in antique silver Size: 2 inches

Fashion Brooch-BH9341

CODE: BH9341

In stock
Fashion Brooch ; Color crystal stones in combination of Lt.Topaz and Smoke Topaz; A small loop attached on the back for pendent; Metal base plated in... More

Antique Brooch-BH8110

CODE: BH8110

In stock
Antique brooch assembled with beige and coffee color stones; three light brown pearls in the centerl; base plated in antique gold;  Size: 2-x 2 inches

Antique Brooch-BH8835

CODE: BH8835

In stock
Antique Brooch come with clear crystal rhinestones plated in antique gold color:  Size: 2 inches in diameter.

Antique Brooch-BH8834

CODE: BH8834

In stock
Antique Brooch come with clear crystal rhinestones plated in silver color:  Size: 2 inches in diameter.

Fashion Brooch-BH8285

CODE: BH8285-Gold

In stock
Antique flower Brooches. color option: Clear crystal with gold plating;  Clear Crystal with silver plating; Size: 2-1/4 inches
Floral Brooches Floral Brooches
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