Wedding Brooches

Wedding Brooches are dazzling, and we have a numerous styles of brooches to choose from on our online store.  Styles includs round brooches, star brooches, pearl brooches, antique brooches, and much more.

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Floral Brooch-BH9118

CODE: BH9118

In stock
Round brooch Stone color: High quality acrylic crystal rhinestones and offwhite color beads; Metal base plated in silver Size: 1-1/4 inches

Wedding Brooch-BH6102

CODE: BH6102-Clear/Silver

In stock
Round Wedding Brooch Rhinestone with silver plating. Width: 1-1/4 inches
Wedding Brooch wedding Brooches

Fashion Brooch-BH6112


In stock
Wedding Brooch Clear crystal stone with white pearl; Color choices: White pearl with silver plating; White Pearl with gold plating; Size in diameter: 1-1/2... More
Wedding Brooch Pearl Borohce

Wedding Brooch-BH6109

CODE: BH6109-White

In stock
Wedding pearl brooch in crystal rhinestone; Pearl color option: White/Silver;  Dk.Charcoal/Silver; ; Base metal plated in silver color; Size: Width: 2... More
Wedding Brooches Pearl brooch Pearl brooch

Vintage Brooch-BH9084

CODE: BH9084-Clear /Silver

In stock
Vintage brooch; Color option: Crystal Rhinestone in Silver Plating ; Clear Crystal Rhinestone in Antique Silver Plating; Size: Width 1-1/2 inches
Wedding Brooches Wedding Brooches

Flower brooch-BH9159-Grey

CODE: BH9159-Grey

In stock
Floral brooch with grey pearl in the center and green acrylic stone; Metal placted in antique gold ;  Size: 2 inches in diameter

Wedding Brooch-BH6235

CODE: BH6235

In stock
Wedding Brooch; Clear crystal Rhinestone with five beads in the center; base plated in Silver color ; Width: 1-3/4 inches.

Wedding Brooch-BH6051

CODE: BH6051

In stock
wedding Brooch Crystal rhinestone plated in silver. Size: 1-1/2 inches

Floral Brooch-BH5153

CODE: BH5153

In stock
Flower shape Pearl brooch with small crystal rhinestones between the pearls;  Pearl color in offwhite; metal base plated in silver,  Size in... More

Wedding brooch-BH6114

CODE: BH6114

In stock
Wedding brooch Center small stone in crystal rhinestones; Horse eyes in high acrylic stones; Base metal plated in silver color ; Size: height 3 inches x... More




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