The Best Decorative Accessories for an Event

Best Decorative Accessories

The Best Decorative Accessories for an Event

Whether you’re hosting or attending an event, in an effort to look your best you’re likely putting lots of thought into your outfit. Fortunately, elevating your wardrobe is easy and inexpensive when using decorative accessories. To offer you some style inspiration for the next time you dress up, we’ve rounded up some of the best fashion accessories on our site.


1. Brooches

In recent years, brooches have made a style comeback. Pinned to clothing, hair, or bags, these small adornments can make a big impact on your overall look. What’s more, they’re available in many different styles and designs, including classic/elegant and modern/edgy and always add a touch of glamour to your outfit, whether it's a formal gown or a casual blazer. Here are a few charming brooches to complement your style.

Jade-Green Flower Brooch

Drawing visual interest to your outfit, this jade-green flower brooch emanates timeless elegance. Paired with a black, white, or nude-colored blazer or blouse, it offers the perfect pop of color to elevate your look.

Ruby Red Fashion Brooch

Our stunning ruby red fashion brooch makes you feel like royalty in an instant. It features an intricate design that adds sophistication to your wardrobe. Upgrade your style and pin this dazzling adornment on your dress, blouse, or jacket.

Wedding Brooch

Are you getting married soon and still looking for decorative accessories to refine your ensemble? Then this wedding brooch might be the right adornment for you. Dainty crystal rhinestones form a classy design and offer you some extra sparkle. Best of all, you can wear this charming piece to any other event after your wedding as it perfectly goes with any color, style, and, outfit.


2. Flower Pins

Flower pins are distinctly feminine and never go out of style. They’re available in different sizes and offer a great way to add color to your outfit. As decorative accessories, they’re most often worn during spring and summer events but are also suitable any other time of the year. Here are three favorites from our site.

Lace Fabric Flower

Ever since Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw put oversized fabric flowers on the map, they’ve been a mainstay with fashionistas around the world. Today, you can find affordable versions of designer blooms on our site, like this gorgeous lace fabric flower in teal. Perfect to spruce up an otherwise simple outfit, this stylish flower makes it easy for you to stand out.

Cream Fabric Flower Pin

If you’re a vintage lover, then this flower pin is for you. Made with lace and satin petals, and featuring peal in the center, our cream-colored, vintage-inspired flower pin adds a feminine touch to your look. Wear it with colorful blouses or a floral sundress to complete a classic ensemble.

 Fuchsia Fabric Flower

Dare to stand out with this showstopping fuchsia lace fabric flower. Carefully crafted with lace and tulle to resemble a rose, it adds a vibrant pop of color to your look. Wear it on your dress, blouse, or belt to accentuate your waist.


3. Men’s Lapel Pins

Whether for a formal tuxedo or a casual suit, a lapel pin adds an extra touch of sophistication to a men’s outfit. From subtle shapes and subdued tones to intricate designs and vibrant colors, we offer a wide range of pins to suit every taste. Check out these three lapel pins that help any man stand out. 

Grey Lapel Pin Flower

This elegant lapel flower pin in grey takes any man’s outfit from basic to outstanding. It’s large enough to make an impression without appearing overpowering. Simple yet classic, this exquisite accessory suits men of any age.

Mustard Flower Lapel Pin

For men who enjoy wearing color, this mustard flower lapel pin is an excellent choice. Shaped like an elegant rose in a subdued shade of yellow, it’s visually striking and timelessly chic.

Black White Striped Lapel Pin

Anything in black and white is always in style. That’s why our black-white striped lapel pin is a great choice for men who want to upgrade their outfits. Paired with a black or white suit, it’s sure to attract many admiring looks.


Decorative Accessories Add the Finishing Touch

Decorative accessories can make any outfit look better by adding personality and style. They’re dainty, inexpensive, come in all colors and designs, and can be worn in a variety of ways. For example, flower pins or brooches are stunning when pinned to a top or dress, or attached to the hair. Perfect to incorporate a pop of color or pattern in a subtle way, they make an outfit look more polished and put together.

Similarly, lapel pins help enhance a men’s look. Whether to complement the color and pattern of a tie or pocket square or to make a statement on their own, these adornments are small yet effective in creating visual interest and timeless chic.

For more decorative accessories that help you be the talk of the town at your next event, check out our shop.



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